FAQ Friday!

FAQ Friday!

Welcome to the first edition of FAQ Friday, the 11-question interview that explores the many facets of Santa Barbara Realtors!  Stay tuned to www.devinwong.realtor/blog each week as I post interviews with agents from different real estate brokerages in town.  To get things started, I'll be the first to submit myself to this gauntlet of inquisition! Here goes nothing!

 Channel Islands National Park (credit: Meriol Lehmann, Flickr)

Channel Islands National Park (credit: Meriol Lehmann, Flickr)

1.) What is your name and what brokerage are you affiliated with?  Do you have a website?

Devin Wong, Coastal Properties, my website is www.devinwong.realtor.

2.) Where did you grow up?

Aptos, CA.  

3.) What was your first job?  Best part?  Worst part?

Busboy at Red Apple Cafe in Aptos.  Best part: free milkshakes!  Worst part: being a busboy!

4.) Any careers prior to real estate?

A 10 year career in mechanical engineering.

5.) What drove you to pursue a career in real estate?

I fell out of love with engineering and needed a new chapter in my life.  Real estate has always been an interest of mine.

6.) What differentiates you from other Realtors?

Three things:  1.) I get to work closely with one of the best brokers in Santa Barbara.  2.) I have a technical background but enjoy working with people.   3.) My obsession with search engine optimization (SEO).

7.) What is your favorite type of advertising and why?  (Digital?  Print?  Door knocking?  Cold calling?  Social media?  Can’t answer with “referrals” because that’s everyone’s favorite!)

To me, page 1 of Google is where the opportunities are.  Everything I do online is geared towards getting up there.  Many of the ingredients for being up that high are FREE, so the return on investment is unparalleled.  

8.) What advice do you give to new Realtors?

Think about what tools you have, what tools you need, and find a broker that can fill those gaps for you.

9.) Airbnb disrupted hotels.  Uber disrupted taxis.  How can real estate be disrupted?

Real estate could be disrupted by the Redfins of the world (with their part-salary, part-commission compensation structure), but only in cookie-cutter markets where home pricing can be done from afar.  Santa Barbara and Montecito are so unique, it will take a company with substantial local knowledge to disrupt real estate in this area.

10.) What do you love to do outside of work? 

Spend time with my wife and our families.  Run.  Surf.  Be an engaged member of the Santa Barbara community.  Eat burritos.

11.) What is something people might not know about you?

I can juggle!

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