Three Ways a Tech-Savvy Realtor Can Outproduce The Competition

Three Ways a Tech-Savvy Realtor Can Outproduce The Competition

 Santa Barbara (credit: dieseldemon, Flickr)

Santa Barbara (credit: dieseldemon, Flickr)

“Everyone is a photographer…”

A family friend once told me this.  The thinking can also be applied to real estate: everyone is a Realtor.  Or is related to one.  Or knows one through a friend.  

Inarguably, the biggest obstacle Realtors face is the ubiquity of Realtors.  

So how does an aspiring Realtor separate themselves from the swarm of commission-thirsty zombie Realtors?  Technological savvy.

Being tech-savvy provides a competitive advantage in an industry where every little edge counts.  Here are three ways being tech-savvy can help you elevate your business…


1.) Broaden your sphere of influence to find buyers and advertise for sellers

According to National Association of Realtors data, 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process.  Think it would be a good idea to capture some of that market share?  Um, yes.  

But how do we do that?  Advertising, of course.  But I don’t mean print ads.  I mean social media campaigns.  Scalability.  Leveraging the interconnectedness of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

A properly-run, multi-platform social media campaign could be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.  Think your 2” x 3” blurb in the local paper will yield those results?  Um, no.  

It’s simple…Scalability 101: stop working linearly and start working exponentially!  Get 100,000 viewers for your digital marketing instead of 100 for your print marketing.  Similar time to create, nearly inconceivable difference in results (hat tip, Princess Bride).

And the best part of a campaign like that?  It benefits your SELLERS too!  Why?  Because remember that online following you cultivated while trying to attract buyers?  Show that to potential sellers as proof that you can get their property in front of as many eyeballs as possible.  They’ll revere you for it.


2.) Earn new business by being easy to work with

You don’t have to be an agent to understand this one.  Simply think about your group of friends and family.  There are those you can communicate with quickly and those who will make the process painfully slow.

You know which person you can simply text one sentence and an address to, and they will arrive at the correct location at the correct time.  

You also know which person requires a phone call, during which you will have to wait on the line while they fire up AOL (beep beep bloooop!), where they will then Ask Jeeves to find an address, which they will then circle on their AAA map, which they will then bring with them in the car to help navigate to the location, only to arrive late.

Between those two people, which would you prefer to contact?  Which would you prefer as your Realtor?


3.) Be equipped to adapt to a more technological future and increase your longevity

Travel agents used to rule the booking realm.  Now anyone with an internet connection can book a flight on their laptop.  Check-in is done 24 hours in advance with a smart phone.  You can receive flight updates via text.  Even physical boarding passes are becoming extinct.

The point?  Technology forges ahead.  Always.  And quickly.  Realtors who aren’t fluent in today’s technology will certainly struggle when the next wave of innovation comes.  That’s not a position you want to be in.

Entrepreneurs (and you do operate like an entrepreneur, right?) need to evolve.  Those that don’t?  Well, they’re not entrepreneurs anymore.  Evolving doesn’t always mean blazing a new path, but it does mean being capable of learning.  Being driven to learn.  Learning from your teammates and learning from your competition.


Looking to get gain an edge on your fellow Realtors?  Embrace technology and get comfortable using it in all facets of your business.  Reach out to your current clients with an email.  Cast a net for new clients with a powerful Facebook or Twitter campaign.  Close deals faster with digital documentation.  E-sign instead of faxing.  Store files and pictures with Dropbox or Google Drive.

After all, everyone is a photographer!

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