My Value Proposition as a Realtor

My Value Proposition as a Realtor

 Santa Barbara (credit: Damian Gadal, Flickr)

Santa Barbara (credit: Damian Gadal, Flickr)

Unless you decide to go with a discount brokerage, real estate agent commission percentages are all roughly the same.  Of course, price fixing is strictly forbidden under anti-trust regulations, but commissions tend to normalize within a particular market.  If all agents cost approximately the same amount, what separates them?  

Value!  Bang for your buck!  The skill and capability of your agent on a per-dollar basis.  

There are as many agents as there are background stories.  Some agents jumped right into the industry after college.  Some agents had one or more careers prior to making the switch.  All of these scenarios contribute to each agent’s value proposition for their respective clients.  

My particular path to being a Realtor revolved around engineering.  I graduated from UCSB in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I spent ten years in Santa Barbara working for three different companies in three different industries.  These experiences ingrained in me certain skills and traits that directly benefit my real estate clients.  Here is what you can expect from me:



Every weekday for 10 years, I would get to work at 8am and grind it out until 5pm (or later!).  That is the life of an engineer.  Sit under the fluorescent lights, soak in the stale air, hammer away at your latest design, and be thankful you are employed.  That type of life may not be for everyone, and it certainly wasn't easy, but what it did was make me a professional.  

I’m not afraid to show up every day.  To work hard even when the results may not be there yet.  To dig into details that may end up creating more work for me.  To painstakingly check and recheck my work until I know it is correct.  To follow through on promises and commitments.  To be a professional.

I’m a self-starter and a knowledge seeker.  I can cooperate and communicate with everyone, from the janitor to the CEO.  These skills are at the core of who I am, and provide added value for my clients.



I possess a decade-long track record in the engineering world: honesty, hard work, and respect.  Don’t take my word for it…check my profile on LinkedIn!

Real estate is a high stakes endeavor.  Millions of dollars are in play at any given time.  You need and deserve a Realtor who will put your priorities above their own.  

Everything I know about high stakes I learned in engineering.  Researching an automatic bearing greasing system for a wind turbine?  Downtime wrecks havoc on the bottom line.  Working on a solar array that will deploy in space?  You only get one chance for it to work.  Designing a hydraulic system to lift one million pounds?  People’s lives are on the line if it malfunctions.  There is no room for dishonesty or malpractice in any of these scenarios.  I carry this mentality with me as a Realtor.



So much of real estate revolves around time.  Whether meeting potential clients for coffee, showing buyers a property, hosting an open house, or submitting paperwork before a deadline, EVERYTHING is tied to a time.  And being late is the ultimate disrespect: it shows you value your time over the other person’s.

I’m obsessive about being on time.  It is the easiest way to gain respect, yet it is the most overlooked.  Forget about trying to impress with a laundry list of accomplishments or a stack of references if you’re going to be late.  Being on time conveys to the other person that you are respectful and detail oriented.  If your agent is habitually late, what else are they overlooking?



There is no partial credit in real estate.  No offer has ever been accepted with 25% of the contract missing.  No listing has ever been won with a listing presentation that was halfway assembled. 

Real estate contracts can be long and packed with details; my clients can rest assured that I am knowledgeable.  Escrow can require a laundry list of documents prior to closing and I take great care in providing each and every one of these documents.  Unbeknown to many buyers and sellers, agents on both side of the transaction are required to conduct a visual inspection of the subject property.  My broker has instilled in me the importance of noting each and every imperfection, regardless of significance, as a way of protecting our clients’ interest.

My attention to detail goes beyond that though.  I place great importance on my wardrobe, because we only get one first impression.  I call people by their names, because it lets them know I value them.  I maintain close relationships with people at all levels, because everyone deserves the same treatment.  I craft original content for my website, because I want people to know me better.  I curate focused content for my social media channels, because many business relationships are formed online first.  I study the intricacies of real estate transactions, because knowledge is the foundation for confidence and success.

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