4th of July Fireworks in Santa Barbara: Where to Watch

4th of July Fireworks in Santa Barbara: Where to Watch


I almost titled this post, "The Local's Guide to 4th of July in Santa Barbara"...but that would have yielded only one bullet point: get out of town :)

Santa Barbara is home to many festivals throughout the year (Solstice, Fiesta, etc.), and there is a healthy subset of the population that prefers to avoid the crowds at all costs.  Present company included, sometimes!

But sometimes you just want to let loose and celebrate with the masses.  4th of July is the perfect opportunity.  School is out (sorry summer schoolers!), the weather is warm, and spirits are high.  The entire day culminates with one of the greatest American traditions: FIREWORKS!!!

Here's a few of my favorite spots to catch the Santa Barbara fireworks show from...

Stearns Wharf: The epicenter of Santa Barbara, the Wharf offers an unparalleled ocean-to-land view (unless you're on a boat, which we'll cover later). Live music begins at noon, with plenty of food and drink on offer.

Santa Barbara City College: Access to the stadium is typically closed, but the SBCC campus offers several vantage points from high above the crowd.  A short walk or bike ride can put you in position to have an unfiltered view of the action.

Shoreline Park: Typically a daytime haven for families, this greenbelt transforms into the ultimate spot to lay down and watch the fireworks overhead.  The closer you are to Leadbetter Beach, the better your view will be, but there's plenty of room to spread out!

Cabrillo Hotels: Many of the hotels along Cabrillo Boulevard have ocean-facing balconies.  After a long day at the beach and a drink by the pool, escape to your room to watch the fireworks in your hotel-provided slippers and robe :)

The Harbor: While you can't walk all the way out on the breakwater, you can still find plenty of spots to sit or stand. From this vantage point, Stearns Wharf is the background for the show.  Bonus points if you or a friend own a boat: watch from the slip, or cast off into the channel to watch from sea.

Canary Hotel: Quickly earning a reputation as having the best rooftop bar in town, the Canary offers delicious food and drink. Located in the heart of downtown, you can shop all day and perch yourself on the rooftop in time for the show!

Wherever you choose to celebrate, you're sure to be treated to the most scenic fireworks around... 


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