Career Change: One Year Later

Career Change: One Year Later

One year ago this month, I closed one chapter of my life and started another.  

For almost half my life, engineering was all I knew.  I spent four years at UC Santa Barbara earning my degree in Mechanical Engineering, and ten years practicing the profession in Santa Barbara.

Engineering was good to me.  It led me to UCSB, where the engineering program is nationally recognized.  It allowed me to find a job right out of college within 2 miles of the campus.  It provided me with a solid income, enough to thrive in an expen$ive town.  It let me sound smart and get instant respect when I told people what I did for a living.

I had checked all the boxes on the way to an America-approved life.  What else could there be in life???


Not the kind of happiness found in Friday night dinner and drinks to celebrate a hard fought work week.  Not the kind found in a Saturday morning, knowing the cubicle was still 48 hours away.  And certainly not the kind spent on the couch on a Sunday because that’s the final place to find reprieve from artificial lighting and an uncomfortable office chair.

What I was seeking was complete-tear-down-and-rebuild happiness.

The kind of happiness found in a weekday morning spent chasing entrepreneurial goals rather than dragging my feet into the office.  The kind found by shaking off the weight of societal norms and diving head first into the unknown…and resurfacing to tell of it.  And certainly the kind earned by proving to yourself there are only superficial bounds.

Real estate is not the sexy, alluring, and celebrated lifestyle Million Dollar Listing and HGTV would have you believe.  It’s a constantly-juggled schedule, a late night trying to keep a deal together, a mountain of work for a paycheck that may never come.  And I love it.

I love being a trusted source.  I love getting creative with marketing and social.  I love selling a product as beautiful as Santa Barbara.  And most of all I love being an entrepreneur.

When I left engineering, I did so looking to take back control over my life.  And with real estate, I’ve found that.


Have you ever considered changing careers?  Starting a business?  Diverging from the well-traveled road?  I want to hear about it!!  I know I needed a few people to lean on when I made the switch…

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